iNZight 4.1: Big updates for survey handling

The latest release features a major overhaul of iNZight’s handling of survey designs, as well as several other significant user interface changes. Our focus has been on making iNZight a development tool for researchers to use on a wide range of data, specifically from survey designs, in a way that minimises specialist skills (such as understanding the underlying structure of the survey).

Bayesian Demography with iNZight

Bayesian demography is an important technique for minority communites, and requires special methods to infer the correct results. A set of existing R packages provide a way for researchers to fit hierarchical Bayesian models to estimate birth rates, life expectancy, or forecast important values such as diabetes rates. iNZight is a tool for exploring and analysing data, and provides a way for researchers low on time, money, and/or skill to quickly generate the necessary results with minimal effort.