iNZight in the Stats NZ Data Lab

The iNZight tool is now available in the Data Lab for non-coding researchers to use on standalone datasets, such as Te Kupenga

The Stats NZ Data Lab is the only place social researchers in Aotearoa can get access to data across government organisations through the IDI. However, it has typically been limited to users profient in SQL and another programming language (such as R, Stata, or SAS). iNZight has been increasingly used in non-academic situations, and is an ideal tool for non-programming researchers to use to interact with data and perform standard analyses.

Working closely with Stats NZ, we installed iNZight in the Data Lab environment and carried out testing along with some initial development and bug fixing to ensure it works better in the environment. iNZight is now available to selected users to use with exemplar datasets, such as Te Kupenga.